October 16, 2020

(note: all times are EST)

2pm - 3:15pm: Keshav Singh, "How Can Coherence Be Distinctively Normative?" (Chair: Max Hayward)

3:45pm - 5pm: Amy Berg, “Do Good Lives Make Good Stories?” (Chair: Max Lewis)

October 17, 2020

(note: all times are EST)

10:30am - 11:45pm: Rhys Borchert & Yili Zhou, “The Errors in Error Theory” (Chair: James Fritz)

1pm - 2:15pm: Selim Berker, "The Deontic, the Evaluative, and the Fitting" (Chair: Nate Sharadin)

3pm - 4:15pm: P. Quinn White, "Ethics in the Shadow of Love" (Chair: Laura Tomlison)