Detailed Description of Paper Award

For NEN5, we’ve decided to run a community-funded, community-refereed paper award. You can submit a paper here. There are four basic steps involved in the process.

Step 1: Authors submit papers & pay the submission fee

Submit a paper (or reserve a submision slot) here. Submissions are open to all. Every submission must pay a $22 fee. 100% of this fee (after ~$1.06 in Stripe fees) is added to the Prize Pool, which will be divided among the winners.

Step 2: Authors each referee two papers

Every author is responsible for scoring two submissions according to a standardized rubric. The top 5 papers are the finalists.

Step 3: Authors decide the winning paper from among the finalists

The top 5 papers are the subject to a round of Condorcet voting by the entire community of authors (except for the authors of the finalist papers!)

Step 4: Prize(s) announced!

1-3 papers (depending on the number of submissions) are selected on the basis of the overall ranking in the Condorcet poll to divide 100% of the Prize Pool amongst them. Winners are invited to present their work at the NEN 5 Workshop.