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Paper Prize – Final Result

We’re very pleased to announce that Keshav Singh is the winner of the inaugural NEN Paper Prize. Keshav will present on the topic of his paper, “Pragmatic Encroachment and the Reliance-Involving Conception of Belief” at the fifth annual NEN workshop in June. We plan to do a full post-mortem of the NEN Paper Prize process […]

Paper Prize Update – Finalists

By now everyone should have received an email with the finalists for the prize. Hopefully, you’ve also received information about your own scoring reports, as well as any qualitative feedback provided by the reviewers of your paper. We’ll be sending everyone unique links to the Condorcet poll in a couple of weeks. Condorcet votes for […]

NEN Paper Prize Announcement

There are comparatively few prizes in philosophy. Fewer still are awarded for specific papers. To our knowledge, none is funded largely by small-dollar donations, and none is awarded by the community via a transparent review process. We aim to start a prize with all these features. You can read all the details. Here’s a quick […]